Not so chic trends that shouldn’t have happened. Ever!

Drop-Crotch Pants — The phenomenon that was the loose-fit-hip/tight-fit-leg pant was a somewhat recent occurrence in ’10 and ’11. However, we soon learned that even women with the fittest of bods couldn’t make a saggy seat look chic.

Spirit Hoods —The extra-fuzzy head gear makes a little more sense if, like Ke$ha, you actually did brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack. But for the rest of us, not even the multi-platinum selling pop star’s personal endorsement could convince us to actually wear one. Even if you did try it (maybe just once), let’s all hope the Spirit Hood’s time has come and gone…Amen to that!

Embellished-Booty Denim — These jeans possibly worked better back in their heyday when we matched them with a rhinestone-encrusted logo tee. But no more. They are just too much!

Terrycloth —The terrycloth most certainly has its place which is not on our clothes. Perhaps it was seen as the lighter, summery sister of the early-2000 velour addiction (the Juicy Couture track suit famously went viral thanks to Madonna, who the matchy-matchy set was first made for, with a little help from Paris Hilton), but terry hoodies, dresses, and even handbags were much better left in the washroom.



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