DIY Stuffs

DIY Lace Bib

This is a diy project i just finished. I took about 45 minutes from start to finish. I had the lace bits for about 4 years now…i know! Lets just say i was waiting for the right time/inspiration and the right project. Well, over the weekend, i decided I’d waited enough and I’ve recently wanted to make myself another bib so, here goes.

All I did was to place the lace bits the way I wanted the bib to be shaped and hold them together at the joint (the middle) with an office pin. Out came my needle and thread. I simply sewed them together with small precise stitches. Please remember to use a single thread. Doubled threads look untidy and obvious. Also, small-sized darning needles are better for this project. You can get them at any fabric or craft store (the beads too).

Once i got the lace base ready, the rest was easy. I brought out some beads and started beading. I chose to stitch my beads following the pattern of the lace. I used different colours, sizes and textures of beads which makes for a fun visual experience. Then i beaded the sides and added a lobster claw clasp to finish.

You can try this with any lace and bead it as you’d like, and finish the sided with a ribbon instead of beads like I did. Have fun.


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