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According to PM News a LAgos housewife Mrs Ruka Amoha assAulted her neighbor by biting off her nose for having an illicit affair with her husband.
Mrs Amoha said
“I cannot accept a situation where Yemi is enjoying her husband and mine at the same time thus denying me the opportunity to enjoy my husband” whilE the accused victim insists that she had nothing to do with her(mrs Ruka’s)husband.
Ruka is considered to be a quarrelsome and a nagging woman,even her husband the man behind it all told PM NEWS asked him why he was not having sex with his wife, he said it was because of her constant quarrel with him and he had no peace of mind to even think about sex.
The incident happened at 13, Adealu Street, Dopemu, Lagos while doctors at the General HospitAl has said that the mothEr of 4 needs plastic surgery if…

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