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The thing with getting fat

28062013552I’ve never been one to fastidiously watch my weight. Over the past weeks, I know that I have been quite careless with my eating. Everyone keeps telling me how I look so different “…good different.” I know I gained some weight. Well…just a bit but not enough for everyone to tell me I look so different.

What is it about weight gain that makes people react like they do? First, they tell you how different you look. How fat you’ve grown. Then, they say you look good like they’re trying hard to console you for getting fat. Ok, so,maybe I’ll watch my weight but I love the way I look. Sometimes, its like my body has a mind of its own, Today I’m eating so much and tomorrow, I can barely eat a thing. However it won’t hurt to lose some weight namely around my waist. I love the idea of dieting without feeling like I’m on a diet.

I’ll eat whatever I want but in moderation. Lots of fruits and veggies too. This should be fun.


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