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A Passage In My Labyrinth 1

Dysmenorrhea is a condition a lot of women have to deal with. It comes with varying degrees of pain. My periods started out painless and blissful. I’ve had to switch pain medications over the years. I start taking a medication and after a while, my body builds a tolerance to it and I’d have to take a different one. The last meds were ibuprofen and it was good for a while until it started shutting off my periods. I would take ibuprofen when the pain becomes unbearable and by the next day, my period is completely stopped even when I still have some days to go.
I was advised to stop all use of medication and “soldier” through it. Now, I use a cold compress when I can and that’s it. Very recently, in the midst of all the abdominal and lower back pain, I decided to drink some herbal (moringa) tea that I like and I noticed it helped with the pain. The quirky part is that the next day, I had another cup of tea and that was when I noticed my flow gradually thinning out and so, I stopped with the tea.
Sometimes people say things like “Why don’t you just have babies?” and “It’ll get better when you start having children.” Do I really have to have babies to get all this sorted out? Because that would mean getting pregnant every year so I don’t have to deal with this…very funny. My mum had it worse than I when she was younger and it got better after she had us so maybe I should consider the babies but I’ll wait.
I guess the monthly abdominal pain which most of the time feels like I’m being stabbed repeatedly in the abdomen with a dull knife, the lower back pain and sometimes migraine are not so bad compared to what some other women have to go through. I look at my mum and I know that mine will not go on forever. it will get better at some point. Till then? I’m a little soldier in this painful battle


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