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Like the average person, I love food. I don’t like to cook but I enjoy the process each time I do. Its so much fun cooking. I love the alchemy of food, the colours, the flavors, the textures…so, I am very experimental with food. I mix and match.

Here, i have moi-moi or bean cake…a Nigerian dish and fruit/veggie salad, strawberry flavoured fruit jello and a yummy cocktail. The moi-moi (bean cake) has bits of fish, mushroom, meat and prawn in it. Its spicy and absolutely flavourful. The salad dressed with a sweet French dressing, cools down the “spiciness” of the bean cake and adds crunch to it.

Moi-moi, the way I make it at least, is bean paste mixed with tomato sauce and stir fried onions, pepper, fish, meat, prawn, mushrooms or any other filling which is then seasoned to taste. This tasty mix is scooped into plastic cups, foil plates or broad leaves…which i have no idea how to use, and steamed for an hour and a half. Voilà!