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Pieces of me 2


They were there…
They were there at eventide.
Snarls on their faces…
Daggers drawn…
Demanding retribution for one of their own…
They were there.

In my minds eye…
I remember saying,
My friendship you can have…
My ears you may consort with;
As my lips will keep your confidence.
My mind you may occupy but my heart?

My heart is not on the table.
For I have long since tired of it,
Being moved around same as a chess piece.
I have recently tasted freedom;
True freedom though it be laced with vinegar,
Freedom nonetheless.

My heart is mine to have,
To hold and mine to give.
I simply wish for to give it aright,
The next time it is given
And not to see it crushed by an ego,
Bloated with some overestimated sense of self worth.

Therefore, to them I say,
Hold your court, seek counsel one of another.
For in that will I find vindication.
In that will it be made clear my stand.
The stand I declared at the start; as I had no wish to rescind.
My stand since the crack of dawn.

Princess Onome.

Written 3days ago as I lay in bed sometime around 11: 46pm GMT thinking on everything and anything.


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