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Pieces of me 3


He has me in palpitations.
My heart!
It jumps for joy at the thought of him.
At the sight of him,
It becomes a puddle of warm ecstatic goo.

The caress of a cool breeze…
The makings of love…
Forged in the most enduring of all…
And when he deigns to speak…
It becomes as tho I am floating in the clouds.

Like a school girl,
Experiencing love for the first time,
I thumb our correspondence…
Every chance I get.
The sweetness!

Wrapped around his little finger,
How could any man,
Invite a heady rush of flutters…
This much warmth…
Love… Always.

He has blessed me I find,
With a perpetual state of happiness…
A smile on my face even at the oddest of times…
And I think to myself,
I must  look the happy fool to all else.

Love faithful…
Love true…
Love enduring…
This love, our love…
Never to be compared to fools gold.

Princess Onome.

When you love someone…not just love, but are in love with this person who loves you in return, its the best feeling ever. Shared hopes, shared dreams and the promise of a friend for always… He is most handsome and incredibly intelligent. This I wrote for the one man (not quite a man yet) in my life who makes me feel like love makes all possible. My baby cousin Chimadigiemejom Wogu, the cutest baby boy ever. I love you sweetie, now and always. I can hardly wait to have mine. Well…future husband, hurry up and find me already, been waiting on you. *wink! *kisses.


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