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Pieces of me 5

Oh! A Butterfly…


A skill acquired would come in handy.

An education gained, a key to one’s future.

If I learn more,

Then perhaps I can…

Oh! A butterfly…


Put that in a bucket.

Make a list.

We prepare for a feast today.

No mean feat it was when we…

Oh! A butterfly…


Alone and hungry,

Tired… yes, exhausted.

But was it not I who…

That time when…

Oh! A butterfly…


The days of men are few,

And fraught with peril,

One who courts far too often with distractions?

Would scarcely amount to naught…

Yes oh! A butterfly…



Sometimes we allow ourselves get side tracked, despite our best intentions for us. Yes, pardon me… that is just me and my sometimes rather convoluted logic. What I meant to say was, we plan and prepare for our future and our goals (some more so than others) but even the best of us at times, allow ourselves get distracted. We lose ourselves to the flimsy things that can not contribute to our growth. We each have our butterflies and they could be bad habits/vises, procrastination, self doubt, rejection and all that.

Learn to identify your butterfly moments and try not to hang on to them. They stunt out growth and we only have so long to live. Let’s make the most of it.


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