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Body of Work


There are just as many body types as there are people out there. We are tall, average, short, obese, chubby, slim and everything else in between. So I ask, what’s in a body type? There are many variables to consider. Some of which are;

  • The day and age
  • Personal preference
  • Health dictates

By popular culture and societal standards, the type-cast for ideal body type goes in and out of fashion. For instance 15-20years ago, it was more fashionable to be thin, boyish even. Small breasts, a flat tummy, small butt, narrow hips and thighs were all the rage. However, right now in 2018, there’s a completely different expected body image. Now, a moderate to full C breast at least, a big butts and full thighs are in. A beautiful female body in this day and age is expected to come in voluptuous sizes but must also come fitted with a flat tummy either by way of exercise, surgery or hidden contraptions like the waist trainer which is essentially a modern day corset designed to give the appearance of a narrow waist and flat tummy.

With personal preference, it depends on the individual. Here, the question is “what do you want?” We all have body types that are foisted on us by way of genetics and lifestyle choices. Therefore, being human and insatiable in our vanity, we have a say as to what we’d love to change about ourselves and what body parts we want replaced. For instance I’ve always been the one with small boobs and I earnestly wished that they would grow into full C’s. Needless to say that never happened. There is also the matter of a tiny little pouch I have for a tummy and I wish I didn’t. For some, it’s their nose or butt, thighs or even feet. Some body parts can be corrected with good old exercise, a bit of makeup or a cosmetic procedure and others, we learn to live with.

From the health side of things, a person’s health predisposition or condition might require certain adjustments in body structure. This may be done through diet and/or exercise. In this case, its becomes a change borne of the necessity to manage a health condition.

One thing that rings true in all of this is that we are all different, with different body types and that is not going away anytime soon.

P.S- The picture used in this post is not mine. It was gotten off Pinterest. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Body of Work”

  1. Interesting piece. All whole lot perception about the body type that people seem to desire is being pushed by the fashion magazines and Kim Kardashians of this world.

  2. It is nice hearing from you. Though we are birthed with different types of body built, we have the choice to be proud of who we are and accept those who accept us for who we are, or we could opt to modify the parts that displease us. However, I suggest to all, including me, to stick to those adjustment exercise and diet can bring to reality. Thank you.

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