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Armchair Directing, from a Distance.


I have always loved the big screen. TV time even as a little girl was special for me so much so that it consumed me and I would often leave my chores  unattended. With time my tv preference narrowed from “everything on TV” to a few things. I like the occasional crime series, reality tv and 🤔oh yes, the news because I’m a responsible and socially aware adult😊. The chief of my big screen relationship is movies. My love for movies can never be hidden or denied. I even have friends who are equally into movies as much as I am and we have formed a coalition of movie lovers. We would discuss movies we have watched and loved, previews for movies we’ll love to see and all.

I will watch any movie genre as long as i will find it entertaining, it’ll feed my imagination and then teach me a thing or two. The only genre I tend to avoid is the horror genre😵😱😱. With an active imagination like mine, I scare much too easily. I would pace in and out of the room, hide behind the pillows and God help you if you were watching with me. You will definitely suffer grabs and screams. It will take me weeks to get the horror scenes out of my head. That said, once I settle down into movie mode🍿, I get completely focused. My imagination is unlocked and it’s like I become both watcher and director 🎬. I laugh, cry, complain and direct. I ask why the girl won’t run. I insist that the garden should have been in full bloom for that scene and I complain that the fight sequence for that action scene feels plastic and scripted. Oh! What about the background music and transition😪?

My armchair directing skills are top notch. It takes a brave and tolerant person to watch a movie with me especially if the poor soul loves to watch in silence😇.


P.S- The picture used here isn’t mine. It was gotten off a Pinterest board. Thank you.


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