Meet Maggie. She makes her own clothes.

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During my recent foray into wardrobe minimalism and a general engagement on the philosophy of what to wear and where to find it, I’ve been thinking a lot about buying well-made clothes. And well made in two senses: made with a high degree quality and made in an ethical and socially responsible way. I’d love to jump off the fast fashion train entirely, but let me tell you, it is hard to find affordable, ethically made garments. If you get tired of searching, you could be like my friend Maggie, who just makes her own clothes.

Yes! She makes her own clothes. Even though I was homeschooled, I cannot even imagine attempting the same. But I find her endeavor so inspiring, and I wanted to sit down with her and talk about her lifestyle of dressing herself in handmade garments.

Interview with Maggie Stein, Who Makes Her Own…

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A Passage In My Labyrinth 1


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dysmenorrhea is a condition a lot of women have to deal with. It comes with varying degrees of pain. My periods started out painless and blissful. I’ve had to switch pain medications over the years. I start taking a medication and after a while, my body builds a tolerance to it and I’d have to take a different one. The last meds were ibuprofen and it was good for a while until it started shutting off my periods. I would take ibuprofen when the pain becomes unbearable and by the next day, my period is completely stopped even when I still have some days to go.
I was advised to stop all use of medication and “soldier” through it. Now, I use a cold compress when I can and that’s it. Very recently, in the midst of all the abdominal and lower back pain, I decided to drink some herbal (moringa) tea that I like and I noticed it helped with the pain. The quirky part is that the next day, I had another cup of tea and that was when I noticed my flow gradually thinning out and so, I stopped with the tea.
Sometimes people say things like “Why don’t you just have babies?” and “It’ll get better when you start having children.” Do I really have to have babies to get all this sorted out? Because that would mean getting pregnant every year so I don’t have to deal with this…very funny. My mum had it worse than I when she was younger and it got better after she had us so maybe I should consider the babies but I’ll wait.
I guess the monthly abdominal pain which most of the time feels like I’m being stabbed repeated in the abdomen with a dull knife, the lower back pain and sometimes migraine are not so bad compared to what some other women have to go through. I look at my mum and I know that mine will not go on forever. it will get better at some point.


I love my rings as much as the next fashionista; maybe more. They could be Bvlgary, Louie V’s, Van Cleef  and Arpel (I loooove Van Cleef & Arpels), or Mark Henry, you’ve got to love ’em. They shine and wink at you from your finger as they complement your outfit. No matter your taste or style preference, there is something for everyone.

Maybe ’cause im such a minimalist, I’m always drawn to rings with a strong, dramatic albeit classy personality. I love my rings to be able to wink at you from a mile away but that’s just me. What do you like? What do you want your rings to do for you. Ok…i got carried away just there. Too many pictures *smiling*

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Nude/Natural makeup


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Nothing beats going bare…not all over tho, just your face this time. Its refreshing and clean. It allows your unmade-up natural beauty to shine through. This is not to say you can’t have any makeup on, it just takes trained hands, a good selection of nude coloured makeup and your trusty mirror.

Nude makeup is an easy look to wear. It goes with any outfit plus it gives the wearer a polished and elegant look, allowing ones clothes and accessories make the necessary statement

Allow your face breathe. Put away the heavy makeup and dark coloured stuff and go lite.


Bridal Fashion Trends


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Bridal fashion for the past few seasons has been less straight-laced. Vera Wang for instance has shown more “non-white” gowns for her last two seasons and they are not for the faint of heart. From pastel hues to bright reds and deep, rich burgundy, there is a vast array of colours and cuts to try. Dare I say, that if you have enough “juice”, you could have yours custom designed. Open your mind to the possibilities and get ready to be a fashion forward bride…I know I would!